Stage works:

Fowke Tales - a full length storytelling musical on the work of ethnologist and CBC writer Edith Fowke in her search for Ontario’s folk music history. With Allan Kirby & Zeke Mazurek. Recorded live and released as “Fowke Tales - Live at Lang.

1784 - The year of the Loyalists, at Macaulay Heritage Park. With Zeke Mazurek and Ken Ramsden.

Tales from the Wellington Dump - a full length stage play about treasures discarded at the local dump. With Zeke Mazurek & Tom Taylor.

Exile: The United Empire Loyalist Story - A full length storytelling musical about the Loyalists of eastern Ontario. With Tom Leighton & Suzanne Pasternak.

Good Night Sweetheart - a full length play examining the life of 97 year old Rose Hall. With Jeanette Arsenault.

Tabletalk: Tales from a County Kitchen - A full length play featuring regional stories and legends. With Jeanette Arsenault.

House of Prayer - a commissioned work for Picton United Church in celebration of their 200th anniversary.

Papa Haydn and Mozart - performed with the Kingston Symphony Orchestra.

Living History Productions at Macaulay Heritage Park series - A Good and Faithful Servant; Survivors of War; The Prize; Happy Trails (co-scripted). The Prize and Survivors of War were subsequently presented at the Eastern Ontario Drama League Festival where they won awards for original work, acting and ensemble work. Survivors of War was later produced by the Ottawa Little Theatre and subsequently developed into a full length production featuring live vocal music and dance under the title The Women Left Behind.

Concert Shows:

Fiddle ’n Frostbite - a series of post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s concerts featuring Prince Edward County Performers.

For the Birds - a series of fundraiser concerts for the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory.

Tall Tales and Other True Stories - with David Archibald & Suzanne Pasternak.

The Madwomen of Marysburgh - with Emily Fennell, Lenni Stewart, Jeanette Arsenault & Suzanne Pasternak.

The Shantymens’s Concert - featuring a cast of “thousands”.

Spoken Word:

Swear On My Mother’s Grave - favourite tales from Prince Edward County. An Ashcroft Audio production with assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Sounds Like The County - an Ashcroft Audio production featuring interviews depicting the lives and pursuits of Prince Edward County residents.

Janet also worked as a freelance reporter for County Weekly News and as editor for The County Guide.