The Untoward Assassin
A Thaddeus Lewis Novel

Someone is following saddlebag preacher and sometime detective Thaddeus Lewis. Someone is sending him money. Someone is trying to kill him. Is it all the same person?
Thaddeus accompanies his granddaughter Martha to Toronto so that she can attend the Provincial Normal School, an institution that trains teachers for the common schools in Canada West. Furthering Martha's education is a compromise reached to appease her father, who is furious that Thaddeus involved her in a murder investigation in London. They stay in Yorkville with Thaddeus's son Luke and his eccentric employer.
When the attacks that began in Wellington continue after his arrival in Toronto, Thaddeus wonders if they have a connection to any of of his previous cases. But who has he crossed who would carry that big a grudge? And do they have anything to do with con artist Clementine Elliott, whom everyone thinks died in a train crash?
As the attacks intensify, Thaddeus realizes that Martha and Luke are in danger too, and he desperately needs to find out who wants to kill them all...
Set in 1855, the seventh book in the Thaddeus Lewis series of mysteries, The Untoward Assassin continues the story of Methodist preacher Lewis against the backdrop of a Canada that is growing from a backwater colony into a bustling new country.

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